Domotic the perfect ally

for you at home

These are some of the advantages of home automation for you to visualize yourself in a smart home:

  1. Scene support functions with climate control, ventilation, lighting and security.
  2. Secure access to the home for personal and family use.
  3. A great advantage of home automation systems is that they can be adapted to make the house 100% safe for the youngest members of the household.
  4. In terms of aesthetics, we will have fewer mechanisms in the walls, designs for every style and maximum functionality in the minimum space.
  5. It can be adapted and expanded according to the new needs of the inhabitants of the house.
  6. Ease of installation.

7. Digital access is a plus of home automation. Currently there are electric locks, through which you can control the number of times you have opened or closed the door of the house. In addition, you can verify, remotely, if you have closed well when you leave or give entry to someone.

8. If you live with an elderly person, for example, but, for some reason, must remain alone at home and some unexpected event or accident occurs, this system creates smart homes that are able to warn you of such an event.

9. With just a verbal command or any other type of command, you will be able to open and close the windows. 

10. The bathroom can also be automated to make your life easier. It is possible to get the faucets and doors to open by themselves, so you avoid touching them and take care of your hygiene.

11. Thanks to home automation, you have the possibility of programming your TV to turn on when you start your favorite programs or to turn it off when you go to sleep.

12. Enjoying music in your home is one of the great pleasures after a hard day at work, because you can also use home automation for this purpose! Put relaxing music when you go to sleep and program the system to turn off once the purpose is fulfilled.

13. Sometimes we must move away from our pets, especially for work, the good news is that home automation will help us to shorten the distances! With this system, you will be able to control what the animal is doing at any time and you can even talk to it to make it feel your presence and, thus, avoid that the day becomes so long for both of you.

How to turn your home into a smart home

To give a new look to your home with the help of home automation, first of all you must analyze your consumption to discover how important is sustainability and efficiency in your spaces.

Secondly, and based on the above, it is essential that you decide which functions of the house you want to control and automate, and then connect all the devices to the cell phone from the corresponding apps and send orders.

Home modernization is the next step; nowadays, the new generation of home appliances include smart functions that give them intelligence and allow them to connect with you.

Finally, it is best to contact a professional to integrate the systems and have quality advice that will indicate good solutions according to your type of home, your needs and the communications protocol to be used; once this has been clarified, the installation will be executed and everything will be put into operation.

Home automation: A system within everyone’s reach

Home automation is no longer a privilege of few. Thanks to easy access to technology has been achieved that automation and its benefits reach more homes. In the particular case of Colombia, home automation began in 2005 and, to date, has grown by 400%, which is stated in the portal specializing in industrial processes Virtual Pro.

According to John Romero, speaker at the Intelligent Home Summit, specialized educational event that takes place within the framework of TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Congress, “the market spectrum has changed and today automate a house is very simple. A lock, for example, can be purchased online and linked to the system without major inconveniences. Lighting control, cameras with motion sensors, air conditioners, audio and video, are becoming increasingly accessible and easy to integrate.

This technology has experienced a kind of new resurgence thanks to smartphones and tablets; many of the applications and types of facilities that work today, can be managed from mobile devices, therefore, home automation goes from being an unattainable dream for many to an increasingly closer reality for everyone. 

In the case of the construction sector in the country, there has been an increase in projects designed with a high degree of home automation from its initial design, that is, it is one of the preferred trends in architecture at this time because not only you get a home, but a smart and functional home.

Raise your expectations and make home automation your best ally!