Nature and tranquility

7 benefits of living in

a natural and peaceful environment

The humans has benefited from nature throughout time; in it he not only finds medicine and food, but also the perfect refuge to survive the vicissitudes that life presents. It provides healing to our body and serenity to our mind.

There are many advantages of being constantly surrounded by green spaces and, even more, the benefits of living in a natural and quiet environment, do you want to know them and rethink your permanent stay in the city? Here we share them with you!

  • Restore your energy and mental health

It is proven that contact with nature reduces anxiety and releases stress, controlling the levels of cortisol, the hormone that produces it.

Inhabiting a green environment will help you to live without rushing and leave aside the frenetic atmosphere of the city and the rush of everyday. Out of the concrete jungle, you will be able to establish a deeper connection with yourself and your surroundings.

You’ll feel energized and mental fatigue will magically disappear, as will irritability, and mental health problems will diminish thanks to contact with the natural elements and time spent outdoors.

  • Increases creativity and concentration

In both children and adults, natural environments have a powerful restorative effect, which stimulates concentration; you will perceive a greater performance in the activities you perform.

On the other hand, when we surround ourselves with nature, our cognitive abilities and creativity also increase, as the brain faces new challenges and is more easily and effectively inspired.

  • Clean air: one of the greatest benefits of living in a natural and peaceful environment.

It is no secret that the city is synonymous of pollution due to the thousands of cars circulating everywhere and the crowded streets at all hours, which translates into increasingly impure air and a great risk to our lungs.

One of the advantages of living away from the city, in the countryside or in a space close to nature, is to be able to breathe cleaner air and, therefore, less danger of suffering from respiratory diseases.

Trees fulfill, among many other functions, the function of absorbing odors and polluting gases, while at the same time filtering polluting particles; because of this, people who live in green areas are the most benefited.

An alternative for those who cannot migrate from the city is to bet on green architecture, which offers more sustainable and environmentally friendly advantages.

  • Restful sleep and quieter nights without noise

Natural environments provide a more pleasant rest; in green spaces it is possible to sleep in peace, without noise or artificial lights coming through the window.

Silence will make sleep much more restful and rest better, which does not happen in cities, where the activity never stops and noise pollution is a constant.

The East of Antioquia is, for example, one of our recommended places to live and fully enjoy the quietness of the nights.

  • You will appreciate the importance of nature and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

By living in harmony with the trees, flowers, streams and other forest creatures, you will appreciate the privilege of living in nature and being able to learn from your environment to take care of it by understanding all its processes.

In green spaces, beautiful landscapes will never be lacking; sunrises and sunsets will be faithful companions that will undoubtedly brighten your existence.

  • Natural and healthy food

Eating in a natural and healthy way is one of the most important health benefits of living in a natural and peaceful environment.

Close to nature, you have the opportunity to grow your own food and consume it in a more responsible way, establishing a deep relationship with the earth, from which you will receive much life if you give it the respect it deserves.

  • Enhancing child development and healthy aging

The stages of childhood and old age are of utmost care, both children and older adults need special care according to their needs. Environments surrounded by nature have been shown to benefit brain development.

Children with greater exposure to green spaces have better results in attention span tests.

Grandparents, on the other hand, benefit from the natural landscape as an element that favors healthy aging and quality of life for the elderly. Constant exposure to the elements of nature is associated with significant physical and psychological improvements, increasing the positive effects at this stage of life.


Now that you know the 7 benefits of living in a natural and peaceful environment, think clearly where you want to continue experiencing your daily life, dare to breathe slowly and purely, take care of your well-being, surround yourself with trees and water, get to know the secrets of the earth and learn from her as the best teacher.