Green architecture

Green and sustainable architecture

One of the most promising architectural trends for 2021

Eco-friendly architecture or sustainable architecture, beyond being a trend, has become a fundamental alternative to inhabit the planet without causing more damage. Once its fundamentals and advantages were known, architects better understood how necessary its implementation is at a global level.

In the practice of ecological architecture, sustainable construction materials are used, supplies are used efficiently, but care is also taken not to generate a high impact on the landscape of the place.

Some of the objectives of such architecture, apart from minimizing the environmental impact are:

  • Economic savings, not only at the time of programming, designing and implementing the project, but also when planning its subsequent lifestyle. A green home should reuse and save resources for its operation.
  • At the time of materializing a construction project, a lot of energy is usually consumed, with a relevant load of carbon dioxide emissions to the planet. That is why this type of architecture seeks to use other types of materials to build its foundations, such as bamboo, wood and plastic mixtures and conglomerates of hemp fibers, straw and steel dust.
  • Saving energy by arranging the house to receive as much natural light as possible; windows are strategically placed in key areas such as the bathroom and kitchen to avoid frequent use of the electrical source.

The industrial style stays for one more season

The basis of industrial design works with the fusion of iron, aluminum, wood and other recycled materials, with which it is intended to create simple lines without elements that look superficial.

By stripping the structure of a space, we have as a result one of the fundamental features of industrial style. Exposed pipes, brick walls and ceiling beams; the natural finish of wood, in its most original state, without varnishes or lacquers; the colors gray, white, beige, black and large windows, will be one of the trends in architecture for 2021! 

In order to capture the essence of this type of design, some iconic pieces such as, for example, chester sofas upholstered in leather, tables with wooden foundations and iron legs, central tables with metal wheels, furniture typical of industrial trades, wooden boxes used as shelves, metal lamps and cinema or photographic studio lights cannot be missing.

In short, the industrial style thrives on recycling, reuse and reinvention; the transformation of objects and restoration of furniture are its strengths for the creation of environments with a lot of personality.

We have reached the end of this compilation of trends in architecture that you will see reborn or strengthen this year. I hope you find them useful and inspiring to create beautiful spaces, adapt existing ones or choose objectively if your goal is to invest in a property.