Home automation:

5 reasons to opt for this intelligent system

Have you ever dreamed of managing the devices in your home from your cell phone or tablet easily and quickly? Although it sounds futuristic or out of a science fiction film, today technology offers endless options to transform the idea of traditional housing and adapt homes to the new rhythms of life of its inhabitants through home automation, an optimal and revolutionary intelligent system. 

If you identify with this new concept and you like to be at the forefront, I invite you to know 5 reasons to consider home automation in your home, start enjoying your smart home and live as you like.

Reason #1: A home automation system is synonymous with comfort.

Whether you make the decision to convert your home into a home automation system or consider the alternative of acquiring a place with these features, you will undoubtedly increase your quality of life thanks to the automation of the various systems in your home, which will save time and money.

Once home automation is installed in your home, with just a push of a button, you can turn lights on and off, raise and lower the blinds, activate the irrigation system, set the desired temperature, manage the operation of smart appliances and adapt the space according to your needs.

Simplifying daily tasks is one of the many advantages of a smart home, which translates into more moments to share with your family.

Take the risk to create your wellness scenario!

Reason #2: Home automation helps you save energy 

The installation of the home automation system contributes to energy savings through the rational use of energy; therefore, it can save you a good percentage of monthly expenses, it is also sustainable, friendly and responsible with the environment.

Some of the functions of home automation that will help you achieve these savings are:

In case you program the heating during the day and combine it with the automatic switching on and off of lights, camera circuit or automatic irrigation, your economy will benefit.

Manage that all the lights in the house are off and that the reference temperature of the air conditioning is in saving mode when the house is empty.

Automate the turning off of lights, the closing of blinds and the change of the reference temperature for the night.

It controls the blinds according to the time of the year. That is, this system is able to raise the blinds and let in more sunlight and natural light during the winter, a function that helps to heat the home without having to turn on the heating. It can also do the opposite, lowering the blinds to keep the sun out in summer, thus keeping the house cooler and using less air conditioning.

Adjust the level of brightness required in each area of the house.


Reason #3: Improve the security of your home

With this type of automation, you can keep a closer eye on your home and keep it safe all the time. When surveillance and security features are incorporated, protection increases, as you can be present from a distance in real time.

Motion detectors, surveillance cameras, automatic door locks and many other measures can be connected and activated throughout the house to detect possible intruders. In addition, if you wish, you will receive security alerts, according to the time of day the alarm is activated or include gas leak, fire and flood detectors.

A smart home is a safe home. Home automation merges with technology to give you the best performance and you only have to worry about one thing, enjoying your home!


Reason #4: Revalues the property

A more sustainable house in terms of energy consumption, acquires a higher value in the market, but if we add to that the environmental awareness and the ecological function of home automation, which is a particularity quite demanded today, we have as a result the revaluation of the property.

Reason #5: Comunication and conectivity

The intuitive and practical communication that is established between people and their home through home automation is very successful. Voice or body movement recognition becomes an excellent channel of connection with your space. 

No matter where you are, the interaction with your home will be constant, fast and unlimited.