Trends in

architecture 2021

Architecture has taken an important turn in recent years, and is no longer only concerned with conceiving, designing and constructing buildings that function as a habitat for human beings, but has an increasingly respectful purpose with the environment; therefore, the trends in architecture for 2021 are marked by this ideal, which leans towards natural materials, open spaces, simple lines and decoration that encourages relaxation and wellbeing.

The rise of eco-friendly environments has allowed this sector to reinvent itself and innovate to meet the new needs of people and provide them with a better quality of life through the integration of intelligent management of housing and the elements of natural space.
Learn about the trends that will stand out this year in architecture and make your home the place that identifies you.

Smart homes, homes of the future

Digital advances bring sustainable solutions in all areas of human life and, of course, architecture does not escape this reality. The designs that will be imposed in 2021 will emphasize automation or home automation, which means greater comfort, low energy consumption and lower economic costs.
Home automation in your home will help you perform certain functions to provide more security, more comfort and more free time so you can share it with your loved ones.
This avant-garde system has become a resource that has aroused the curiosity of architects and technology lovers, which is why more and more projects focused on home automation have been developed since its initial stage.
The 3.0 apartments are booming, so join the digital age and make your home feel unique, with modern but environmentally friendly touches. It is important to keep in mind that home automation is not the privilege of new constructions, it can be applied to any home if desired.


Kitchens are protagonists

The kitchen has always been one of the most important elements of the house, however, this year it will be the main protagonist and will gain the importance it deserves. 

Current trends indicate that more space will be dedicated to such a precious place of the house through resources that will provide openness and spaciousness; that is, it will become the center of life in the homes, becoming a careful environment in materials and decoration.

One of the proposals is the type of open kitchen, since it allows the creation of a more illuminated and spacious place. It is very important to keep in mind that the “open concept” will not only play a fundamental role in the structuring of the kitchen, but will have a place in different areas of the house, as it is intended to integrate with fluidity and give rise to a multipurpose space.

The bathroom will become a disconnection area.

One of the trends in architecture that will have more potential in 2021 will be the transformation of the space dedicated to the bathroom. It will no longer only be the place where you focus on personal care, but it will be arranged to make you feel in a kind of spa where you can disconnect and relax without limit.

The following are some very successful alternatives to achieve a warm and functional atmosphere in this important area of the house:

Use of materials such as quartz or marble.
Adopting a floral motif in tiles and paint.
Adding indoor plants to the decoration.

Opting for wood to replace metallic touches, as a much more natural look is achieved.
Neutral colors such as gray, beige or pastel tones, will become your best allies because they provide an immediate sense of calm and serenity, also come with great force this season.
Investments are necessary when it comes to comfort, therefore, doing so in a whirlpool tub or sauna room will provide many benefits and will be a focal point for the bathroom.
Lighting, round mirrors and stylish sinks are other details that should not be overlooked when turning your bathroom into a special area.

Luminous spaces

The luminosity in the environments will be increasingly valued by architects, interior designers and owners, especially that which comes from natural light and its use.

The construction of larger and larger windows will be used to capture the maximum amount of light from the outside, which applies to both remodeling and new construction. For this purpose, windows should have insulating characteristics so that the entry of light does not conflict with the internal comfort of the house; currently, there are many quality options that leave noise and external temperature outside the house.

Thermal insulation and soundproofing

It is no secret that in urban environments there is a great increase in noise pollution; noise from traffic, industry, among other sources pose a health risk. Constant exposure to these factors can cause stress and considerably disturb psychological and emotional well-being.
Having good insulation at home has become a latent need in recent times, so architecture has adapted to work with thermal insulation materials that also provide soundproofing, as well as specific designs to reduce the impact of acoustic transmission, effective solutions to modern problems!

Walls and floors cared

The variety of textures and colors, polished cement, natural stone and wood-look ceramics, will be the top choices for floors and walls.
Among the woods for floors, those of natural colors, not too dark, are the strongest options on the market. Solid colors on walls will continue to be in vogue, as will wallpaper; defined textures and patterns will be used, but without overloading the space, giving it a touch of harmony.
Among this variety of materials, we will highlight the natural ones that, due to their character and what they evoke, will create relaxing atmospheres inside the home, an ode to nature that always inspires peace and tranquility!
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