Eastern antioqueño

Why invest in Eastern Antioquia

5 reasons you need to know

Eastern Antioquia has become one of the most desirable and inhabited areas in recent years, both for its exponential development and its proximity to the city of Medellin and its fascinating natural landscapes, mountains and great diversity in flora and fauna.

If you have been thinking about this beautiful territory to live and enjoy with your family the benefits of living in a natural and peaceful environment, but you also want to know specifically why to invest in Eastern Antioquia, this article is for you!

Reason #1: You have everything at hand

Every municipality in the Oriente is considered a small town; most of them have shopping malls such as San Nicolás, Viva La Ceja or Jardines de Llanogrande, which house national and international brands and movie theaters. 

Education, on the other hand, is not far behind; there are excellent quality educational and university institutions within everyone’s reach, such as the Universidad de Antioquia, EAFIT, the Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia and the Universidad Católica de Oriente, and important hospitals such as the San Juan de Dios and the San Vicente Fundación.

Commerce, health, education and a varied offer to share with the family are good reasons to invest in Eastern Antioquia, where social and economic progress is on the rise.

Reason #2: Proximity to the city of Medellín and the José María Córdova Airport.

Most of the municipalities in the Oriente are located approximately one hour away from Medellín, which has been reduced to 20 minutes with the construction of the Túnel de Oriente; this detail has increased the value of the square meter in the sector, since there is the opportunity to live outside the city, but very close to it.

On the other hand, El Oriente is quite close to the José María Córdova International Airport, which allows the connection with other areas of Colombia and many places in the world. In addition, the fact of having the airport so close, attracts investors, a geostrategic advantage that opens the doors to many entrepreneurs who can find in the area an excellent place to settle.

This is how the East is becoming an increasingly promising place to invest, a region full of projections!

Reason #3: 10 out of 10 air quality and perfect climate 

There are many reasons to invest in the Oriente Antioquia, but one of the most important, if we are talking about physical health, is the excellent air quality; you will be able to breathe without fear of pollution and, therefore, enjoy a healthier respiratory system.

The good weather is another plus that we cannot forget because it is almost perfect. It oscillates between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius approximately, reaching 12 degrees in the early morning, ideal environment to rest from the slightly warmer temperature of the city of Medellin!

Reason #4: Natural surroundings and peace

In recent years, the Oriente has been the retirement space for many families and foreigners seeking a more direct interaction with nature and a more serene lifestyle.

It is a very desirable place for those seeking tranquility, escape from the stress of the city and the noise that never stops. The real estate offer in the region is quite wide, you can find from apartments in closed units to houses for sale with beautiful green areas, lots for construction of farms and many options for those who prefer to live in a subdivision. 

There is something for everyone, but always close to the natural environment, which brings multiple benefits for both adults and children:

Restores energy and mental health.
Increases creativity and concentration.
More pleasant rest and restorative sleep.

Plus, you’ll never be short of incredible landscapes to appreciate, new trails to explore and natural foods to eat.

Reason #5: Mobility and road connections

The journeys between the municipalities of the Oriente are quite placid, the country’s investment in roads is making the communication between them improve considerably. 

The great road infrastructure and the wide highways that connect the towns turn the journey into an adventure where the exuberant landscapes are the protagonists. Each area has its own tourist attraction, whether architectural, gastronomic or cultural.

For these reasons, investing in Eastern Antioquia is one of the most promising financial bets at the moment. The growing appreciation of the region, makes it the perfect opportunity to project a favorable future, it is also synonymous of calm and tranquility for families, without neglecting the convenience of having everything at your fingertips as in the city.

Are you still hesitating to invest in the Oriente? This prosperous land is waiting for you!